Plexi puzzle. 184 pieces. Rainy Evening


Shipping to United States: $22.04


A very very difficult puzzle, with a sober and refined style.

The image, in black and white is engraved directly in the plexiglass, solid, indestructible.
This puzzle is dark, in gradients. Each room is incredibly entangled in its neighbors. We are not helped by the pattern because the pieces are quite abstract.
If the edges are straight, they are far from the only ones !!! And if you find corners... there is very little chance that they will go to the corners !!! It is devilishly complex, but the result, all in depth and nuances makes it a fascinating object.
To puzzle savvy with good lighting!

This puzzle measures 20x20 cm.
To reconstitute it, count as much as for a 1000 pieces of the trade: about 10 hours.
This puzzle is not suitable for children.

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