Plexiglas custom puzzle.


Shipping to United States: $22.58

Black & white puzzle made to order with your images...

Your photo, (which can be color or black and white) will be specially reworked in a pop-art spirit to make it an interesting work to "puzzle".
The image is then engraved directly into the plexiglass, and cut out. This will make it a solid, indestructible puzzle, but also a very difficult puzzle, with a sober and refined style.
Each room is incredibly intertwined with its neighbors. If the edges are straight, they are far from being the only ones !!! And if you find corners... There is very little chance that they will go to the corners !!!

Depending on your photo, puzzle will measure about 15-20cm by 20-30cm, and will make between 250 and 320 pieces.
To reconstitute it, count as much as for a 400 pieces of the trade: between 4 and 8 hours.
This puzzle is not suitable for children.

Important: not all photos are suitable: you have to choose a neutral background, and a high-contrast image. Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss it. I will accept several photos and give my opinion on the best one to use.

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