Alice in Wonderland. 300pcs approx., 30x30cm. Wooden art puzzle.


Shipping to United States: $28.65

Carefully handcrafted wooden art puzzle.

Original illustration composed from old images, directly printed on light poplar plywood, and back laminated with a nice paper.
Both sides have been sanded and varnished several times to ensure the holding of the image and paper but also softness to the touch.

Meticulously cut according to the drawing, the pieces are all unique and specially shaped to create an interesting challenge.
To celebrate this part of the countryside in Wonderland, dozens of pieces in the shape of rabbits (all different) were scattered throughout the landscape.
Also, note that this puzzle has no straight edges, nor corners!
This puzzle is much more difficult than any cardboard puzzle: to recompose this format of 30 x 30 cm, count between 4 and 5 hours... (This is the equivalent of a 1000-piece commercial puzzle)

It will be delivered to you in a wooden box. The miniature of the lid is detachable to serve as a guide once placed on the small easel (supplied). Traditionally wooden puzzles were provided without a model, free to you to cheat or not ;-).

These puzzles are wonderful gifts.
In addition to being very pretty objects, they allow moments of relaxation and conviviality. Around them gather families and friends, at the turn of a drink, a conversation, for a few minutes or a few hours.
An invitation to let go of our screens to find this art of yesteryear.

Reviews (5)


It's like Christmas when a package from Sophie arrives. The puzzles themselves are beautiful of course but her presentation is outstanding. The boxes are beautifully wrapped and there's always a little extra something included.

Bought this for a friend for Christmas. She absolutely loved it. Thank you.

This puzzle is packaged beautifully - love the box and other details (and the couple of pieces of French candy 😁)! The puzzle is challenging but fun. Seller was very responsive and tried to help with shipping issues - for some reason the French post office (at the airport) held it a month and then US customs held another couple weeks - but it was in perfect condition when it arrived (again, great packaging)

Wonderful artwork and delicate puzzle. A pleasure to work. Thank you.

Another lovely puzzle from this seller. Larger and more challenging than my previous purchases for even more fun. Shipping to the UK has remained fairly quick, and though this puzzle was not in stock when I asked for it, it was completed and posted just a couple of days later. Currently my favourite puzzle maker by far. Now it’s just a matter of deciding which one to try next.

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