Seaside. 200 pieces approx, 20x20cm. Wooden art puzzle.


Shipping to United States: $22.04

Wooden art puzzle carefully made by hand.

Original illustration composed from old images, directly printed on light poplar plywood, and back laminated with a nice paper.
Both sides have been sanded and varnished several times to guarantee the hold of the image and paper but also the softness to the touch.

Meticulously cut according to the design, the pieces are all unique and with specially worked shapes to create an interesting challenge.
To celebrate this theme, about twenty pieces of special shapes were scattered throughout the landscape (fish, sailboat, octopus, anchor, dolphins ...)

This puzzle is moderately difficult.
It will be suitable for an adult, or a child beyond 7 years of age, as long as he is careful...
To recompose this format of 20x20 cm, count about 2-3 hours...
This is the equivalent of a 500 pieces of the trade.

The whole is presented in a hard cardboard box, with a model. Traditionally wooden puzzles were provided without a template, just a title. You are free to cheat or not ;-).

These puzzles are wonderful gifts.
Besides being very nice objects, they allow for a moment of relaxation and conviviality. Around them gather families and friends, at the turn of a drink, a conversation, for a few minutes or a few hours.
An invitation to let go of our screens to find this art of yesteryear.

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