A Monster Mash. 206pcs. 30x30cm


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Original Mierpapier little monsters pictures recomposed specialy for this special colaboration puzzle !
The picture has bee directly printed on light poplar plywood, and varnished front and back.
Both sides have been sanded and varnished several times to ensure the hold of the image but also the softness to the touch.

Viciously cut according to the color lines, the pieces are all unique and specially shaped to create a very challenging puzzle.
Most of it is color cut, and very tricky. Also, note that this puzzle has no straight edges, nor corners ! The borders are along the monsters body and it's full of dropouts !
I love monster whimsy pieces : I think I scattered more than 30 of them, all differents...
This puzzle is much more difficult than any cardboard puzzle: my sister tried to recompose it and failled !!! So please, dear customer, inform me when you're done of how long it took you so no-one else fall in the same trap as you're about to !

These puzzles are wonderful gifts.
In addition to being very pretty heirloom, they allow moments of relaxation and conviviality. Around them gather families and friends, at the turn of a drink, a conversation, for a few minutes or a few hours.
An invitation to let go of our screens to find this art of yesteryear.

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